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The 4 keys to Efficient Internet marketing

Pasadena Internet marketing

Internet marketing

1-Intense networking both on and off site.

2-Internet Advertising aka Pay per Click campaign management

  • Your marketing budget should be equal to 1.5 to 2 times your production budget. You spent 3 k on your website, spend 3k on marketing/advertising.

3-Copywriting: strong headlines, short sentences, write a story!

  • Low to average writing skills? Do not waste your time,  hire someone to write stories for you!

4-Create interest: promotion, discount, rebate coupons

    Whatever you are selling, make it sound bigger than it really is!

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Pay per click advertising


To get you website at the top of the search return pages quickly, use PPC.  You can set your daily budget and be confident it will not be exceeded.  We will constantly re-evaluate the successful campaigns to fine tune it.  PPC is the only way to get all the keyword data on your important terms, too!


Pasadena Internet Marketing

Pay per click campaign management

One Time fee

  • Initial Set-Up
  • Create 5 Campaigns on Google
  • Create a mirror set of 5 Campaigns on Bing
  • First Ad copy Writing
  • Integrate into Google Adwords and create goals
  • 10 hours maximum

Monthly Services fee
up to a $1000 a month budget

  • Managing 5 campaigns on Google
  • Managing a mirror set of 5 campaigns on Bing
  • Ad Variations tested
  • Fine-tuning ads
  • Creating new ads based on careful studying of the Rate of Return on past ads.
  • 8 hours maximum