Web design services

"Smooth & colorful!"

Just like a WordPress Responsive website

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Web design services

"Straight forward but flexible!"

Just like a WordPress Responsive website

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Web design services

"Simple and Affordable!"

Just like a WordPress Responsive website

(626) 864 6941

Web design services

"Low maintenance and all terrains"

Just like a WordPress responsive website

(626) 864 6941

Is your website optimized ?


WP is the most versatile CMS!

Pasadena WordPress responsive website

Is your website responsive?


Is your website ADA compliant?


Web design services

Cybird inc started in the 1995 with our website the 1-Stop-Web-Design-Center to develop web design services in Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

Over the past 20 some years our team of graphic designers and database developers have covered the fast and unstoppable evolution of Web design technologies.

Is your website ADA compliant?

We are asking because the ADA compliance will become mandatory in a not so distant future.  In order to avoid litigation, website owners  need to start looking into web solutions to take into consideration persons with disabilities and make their browsing experience as pleasant as possible.

1stopwebdesigncenter.com is ADA compliant . Check the blue icon on the right side to see the Interface used to re-configure the site on the fly according to various disabilities. To do so, we are partnering  with AccessiBe, a company that developed & maintain a dedicated WordPress plugin powered by AI.

Contact us!  A discount is available when subscribing through Cybird inc. We will get you set up and safe from any liability in no time!

Test your website: is it Mobile-friendly?

If you do not know for sure, have your website tested here. You do not want to miss this important evolution in consumer habits. You do not want to ignore this major  upgrade in website referencing.

A Responsive Layout, a must!

Today, to be visible,  websites require not only  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consistent Social Networking, but also a responsive layout.

A responsive website  will automatically adjust its layout vertically on all devices (Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops). No scrolling right and left and zooming  in & out to read its content.

If your website cannot do that, it’s time to upgrade because  your customer experience is poor to say the least and your site ranking with search engines will keep sinking as they now favor responsive websites.

WordPress based

Each WordPress  based website  uses  a main theme. I like to  use the ultra flexible and versatile Jupiter Elite Responsive theme which, coupled with Visual Composer, is a very flexible design solution.

Together, they provide all the necessary tools, allowing me to configure your site and integrate seamlessly  a wide list of very useful features (Photo Gallery, Video Player, Social Media widget, Mailing list…).

Each of these features comes with default settings that  need to be configured to your requirements or customized to fit the site. No more costly programming! Responsive layouts may not be as fancy as the old custom graphic design of the 90’s but they sure produce very clean, easy to read and navigate, fast loading web pages.

Our Annual Hosting Plan includes  daily backup, plugin version monitoring and updates, follow up on any plugin purchased license and regular update of the WP core, and 4 free email accounts @yourdomain.com.

WordPress Content Management System (CMS) will also put you in the driver seat should you decide to update all or part of your site yourself. And if you don’t  I will take over for you.

Free on site consultation & estimate

Together we can either start a brand new site or transfer the content and style of your existing site  into a WordPress responsive website. I can also train you to update most of your content yourself. How about that?

Bruno Rony – Cybird.inc
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*Due to the increasing number of unwanted marketing calls, the first time you call us, your call may go directly to our voicemail. Please leave a message and I will return your call asap.

Plugins, widgets  and many more customizable features


Web design services

Plugins, Widgets (I call them mini-applications) add specific features to your site. Here is a short list of some of the main tasks performed by plugins and that you may want to have installed on your site right from the start:

  • A visual Page Editor,
  • An ecommerce solution,
  • Search Engine Optimization management,
  • Create/manage your online forms (registration / contact…etc)
  • Back up your Website,
  • Make sure to be ADA Compliant
  • Google Analytics to know your stats,
  • Google Maps to drive customers to your business location
  • Slideshow,  versatile image gallery,
  • Video files from Youtube or Vimeo,
  • Newsletter & mailing list subscription,

And if you can think of another feature not in this list, chances are somebody else did and there is a plugin that deals with it!

The 1-stopwebdesigncenter ™ services the website needs of the San Gabriel Valley following cities: Pasadena, South Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia, Azusa, Covina, Claremont, Duarte, Glendora, Industry, La VerneMonrovia, San Dimas, Sierra Madre, San Gabriel, Rosemead, San Marino and West Covina.

The 1-stopwebdesigncenter.com ™ is your local web design agency specialized in WordPress solutions, Responsive design, Ecommerce and Search Engine Optimization. We proudly service small businesses and  medium size businesses, non profit organizations. No website too small!  Personalized service is our trademark.  We offer a full list of web services including Hosting, Statistic management tools,  backup services, updates and maintenance by  30 minute increment.

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