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We specialize in the construction of custom WordPress based websites for small businesses, medium size businesses  and non-profit organizations located in the City of Azusa

No more costly programming!

Each WordPress  based website  uses  a main theme. I personally love Jupiter responsive theme coupled with Visual Composer. Together, they make for creating a wide variety of layouts, within the main templates required by the site (i.e. Home page, Product or service page). WordPress is also customizable with Plugins and Widgets that allow us to integrate many different big and/or small features.  Each of these elements comes with default settings that need to be adjusted, configured or modified to fit the site. That’s it!

After years of developing custom applications, there is no turning back: WordPress is  a treasure chest for both customers and webmasters. This fantastic Content Management System (CMS) will also put you in the driver seat should you decide to update all or part of your site yourself.

But no worries, I do enjoy building and maintaining WordPress websites using the set of tools that this great CMS provides us with.

Is your website Mobile-friendly?

If you do not know for sure, have your website tested here. You do not want to miss this important evolution in consumer habits. You do not want to ignore this major  upgrade in website referencing.

Do not wait any longer! You should have your site rebuilt using Responsive Design ASAP  to stay in the loop if not in the race. That can be done easily using WordPress CMS and a Responsive Theme. Read more about using WordPress below.

Add the custom features your business needs

They add specific features to your site. Here is a short list of some of the main tasks performed by plugins and that you may want to have installed on your site right from the start:

  • A visual Page Editor,
  • An ecommerce solution,
  • Search Engine Optimization management,
  • Create/manage your online forms (registration / contact…etc)
  • Back up your Website ,
  • Google Analytics to know your stats,
  • Google Maps to drive customers to your business location
  • Slideshow,  versatile image gallery,
  • Video files from Youtube or Vimeo,
  • Newsletter & mailing list subscription,

And if you can think of another feature not in this list…
…chances are somebody else did and there is a plugin that deals with it!

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