Google no longer provides Keywords

 In Business Services

A very interesting blog post form Marviene Fulton our SEO consultant and specialist about why Google is now hiding  most of the keywords used to find your site, thus creating a totally new situation that we all have to adjust to.
The real answer is no one really knows and for sure it has to be many reasons anyway.

  • Some say to black out our data from the NSA (Big Brother)
  • Some say to force us into PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising campaign)
  • Some say to put the hurt on SEO professionals
  • And still others say so that everyone will stop focusing on Keywords and get back to the Content

According to Marviene Fulton,  it’s tied to the Hummingbird Update. Hummingbird isn’t looking for keyword densities per se. It can understand contextual clues and more about subject matter. It’s now more important then ever to stick to one subject per page.

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