Custom web design Pasadena

Over the years, we created a variety of styles for various trades, organizations and individuals. Below are our most recent WordPress productions using the Elite theme Jupiter. 100% Responsive Design!

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Custom Web Design Pasadena – Our portfolio shows the work of various graphic designers who have collaborated with us over the years. Most of these images belong to websites that are live. Our purpose here is mainly to show you a wide range of creative works and layouts from the earliest years to the latest. This being said, we now work mostly with Responsive pre-made templates because this is the way to go to make sure your site shows properly on all media (Tablets, smartphones, laptops & desktops). It is also the least expensive method to avoid the lengthy & costly development job  required to integrate a custom design environment. Besides, Premium or Elite templates are very flexible and allow to build the kind of professional, very visual looking websites that we have become used to see and enjoy on the Web.

In this portfolio you can find ideas for layout and design. Your line of work and your brand image may push you in the direction of some custom graphic design. Your logo of course but also, banners, charts,illustration at large (from image composition with text integration to  background images…etc). custom design elements can be integrated into your WordPress website as we now strongly recommend to use this CMS as a base to build up an efficient website. Responsiveness being a concern, any custom design will be created accordingly.

Custom Web Design Pasadena