Maintenance and Update


We are more than happy to offer website maintenance and update services. We work with you and get your approval before going live with your changes, specially when you requested layout changes, the addition of graphics, or a new  ecommerce feature , a new web page. Our only request: if you have  a deadline for your updates, please plan well ahead in order to schedule your service and expect delivery in a timely manner.

This is the typical process you can expect, every time from 1 Stop Web Design Center:


  • Before we get started we systematically send you a  completion time frame and the corresponding cost .
  • We cannot get started until we receive your approval via email
  • We will include the time and cost that was necessary to prepare the evaluation (From 15 min to 2 hours max.).
  • Preparation time is waved if the total time exceeds 10 hours.

After your approval

  • Make sure to provide us with all necessary content and instruction.
  • Send readable text/image format files via email, web services ( i.e. dropbox, yousendit…etc)
  • Call us to discuss and explain.
  • Your request for update should be received via email at
  • Every email received will be answered and will initiate the countdown process to completion.
  • You will also receive a follow up call whenever needed, so make sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.

Time frame

  • Time Evaluation of your request for updates: within 1 to 2 business days
  • Update completion / when up to 8 hours: within 5 business days
  • Update completion / when 9 hours and up: within 6 to 10 business days depending on work load.

 You cannot see the changes on your page(s)…

  • Make sure to empty your web browser cache or you may not see your updates. Closing the web browser will not help with this “problem”.
  • To empty the cache you must select the proper option in your web browser and empty the cache from there manually everytime.
    • In Firefox the Empty Cache option is in Tools/Clear Private Data.
    • In Internet Explorer it is in Tools/Internet Options.

Call us now at 626-864 6941 
for an evaluation of your coming website maintenance and updates. We look forward to providing you with excellent professional web services and solutions.