Pasadena SEO Services


Fees vary based on the size of the site. Call us for an evaluation. 626 864-6941

SEO packages

Pre-packaged solutions or custom SEO packages

1- Initial SEO  site optimization

  • research of keywords
    • SEO Yoast Plugin set up (we strongly recommend buying Yoast Google Analytics Premium and Yoast Premium)
    • Content review for optimization  of all index pages
    • Google analytics configuration and integration in WordPress Yoast Dashboard

2-Monthly Retainer (minimum 3 months)

This monthly SEO package service requires the initial optimization (See 1).

Task List has a 12 hours Maximum.  Meetings use billable time.

  • Re-write and format for SEO up to 4 of your article drafts a month, finalize and publish them on your site. (Or substitute this with writing 1 article for you OR doing a few other recommended tasks on your site not covered in the monthly agreement.)
  • Disseminate 4 of your articles through the social network (up to 5 profiles) with unique blurbs. Facebook, Twitter, and one picture sharing site (Pinterest is good), Google +, YouTube (when applicable) is strongly suggested.
  • Re-submit the site map to Google and Bing every time an article is written.
  • Queue up 4 non-article / non-site content Tweets given to the SEO Specialist.
  • If there are no articles to promote, create 2 posts directly on the social network (up to 4 profiles, one of which must be a picture sharing site).
  • Build the social network by following, liking, and become a member of appropriate people and groups.  On YouTube, add other people’s relevant videos to public folders on your profile.
  • Use Google Highlighter on up to 4 pages monthly. Puts in rich snippets / microdata for events, articles, and products.
  • Fix broken links as they happen and redirect traffic to existing URLs when landing page is “Page Not Found”.
  • Monitor incoming links to be sure no one is sabotaging you with lots of low rank links (extra to fix if this happens)
  • Monitor Google Webmaster Tools notifications.
  • Google Analytics gets measurable goals, dashboards and custom reports.
  • Monitor and provide a reports on website traffic.  Provide interpretations and suggestions.

3-SEO Package for Pay per click (PPC) advertising

One Time fee

  • Initial Set-Up
  • Create 5 Campaigns on Google
  • Create a mirror set of 5 Campaigns on Bing
  • First Ad copy Writing
  • Integrate Google Adwords into Google Analytics
  • Create goals
  • 10 hours maximum

Monthly Services fee to manage up to a $1000 a month budget

  • Managing 5 campaigns on Google
  • Managing a mirror set of 5 campaigns on Bing
  • Ad Variations tested
  • Fine-tuning ads
  • Creating new ads based on careful studying of the Rate of Return on past ads
  • 8 hours maximum

4-Site SEO Evaluation report

  • Analyze existing site and offer suggestions, up to 20 pages. Includes a full keyword analysis.
  • Suggest specific SEO changes, such as removing blocks of city names (now is against Google rules, is considered keyword stuffing)
  • Test links
  • Check word densities on each page
  • Check words used on page against what is actually used by internet users
  • Suggest page keyword changes to drive traffic

4-2 The To Do List

  • no follow external links
  • open them in a new window
  • redirect 404 (page not found)
  • find and fix broken links
  • Re-work the content to have a clear keyword focus using keywords that get traffic
  • Bring down the readability of the content
  • Add alt descriptions on images, etc