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Caltech High-Speed Integrated Circuits

Founded in 1998 by Prof. Ali Hajimiri, Caltech High-speed Integrated Circuits (CHIC) group and its associated microelectronics, mm-wave, photonics, and bio-sensing laboratories focus on architectural innovations based on an in-depth understanding of the fundamental physics and mathematical with clear tangible application and impact.
We concentrate on integrated circuits and their applications in communications, biotechnology, and sensing. We investigate both the theoretical analysis of the problems in integrated circuits as well as practical implementations of new systems in modern integrated circuits.
Our group has been responsible for some of the key developments in the field of integrated circuits, such as world’s first fully-integrated CMOS power amplifiers and world’s first silicon-based and CMOS phased arrays in mm-waves.
With many notable alumni in academia and industry and a proven track record of commercialization, CHIC laboratories have been on the vanguard of technology innovation in integrated circuit research.
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