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Custom Design, CMS & Product Catalog

We custom developed this site from A to Z.  We had very strict guidelines to build the front end. It was designed to convey  the impression that this is an art gallery Jude was deeply involved in the custom design process and his vision was that of a very clean and clear site with nothing to prevent visitors from focusing of his design creation. As the matter of fact this layout can be seen as very minimalistic.

As for the the backend, it was developed to provide Jude with the most user-friendly interface :  a few but big and easy to read buttons & 1-click operation. To manage his product gallery Jude wanted only what was necessary to him: import images & thumbnails, add a short description, a price and dimension.

Any other web application would have contained way too may options and settings for a result that would have certainly been very confusing to him. Jude ‘s website  makes his artist and web entrepreneur’s life easier.
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