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LeFCM – France | CMS

This rich mozaic of images is the opening page of the site, it’s a splash page. It is made of dozens of photos of contemporary  artists that le FCM has endorsed over the past years. Three letters, a logo, a tag line and here is a very vibrant image of this non-profit organization  that dedicates its funding to promote and encourage young talents.

The interior of the site has been revamped several times and is built on a custom CMS .

In 2014, the site is due for a total re-birth: a new online application  will be launched in January allowing music labels, music promoters, artists & musicians to upload their projects and interact  online with the administration. Various Jurys will use the same application to comment and vote on each project. Then the application will automatically follow up  all the way to the payment of the grant. Reports & statistics are also included in the toolbox of this sophisticated extranet/intranet application developed by the 1stopwebcdesigncenter.
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