e-Commerce solutions, how to choose?

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How to decide which e-commerce website solution fits your business?

Custom Built Solution

technical support

ECommerce solutions

Just the exact configuration that you need with only the features that you need congiured so that you feel 100% comfortable with your own custom toolbox

You may need additional development in the future to implement a new need, a new idea. This will be more costly than turning on the same feature in an off-the-shelf ecommerce software


Using e-commerce software

They usually allow you to set up a whole site including your ecommerce pages, shopping cart and checkout pages. They also contain most if not all the most popular features that a ecommerce professional needs


Their user interface is rarely user-friendly and will require some serious training and practice. If you are not inclined to use virtual tools you may find these software too complex, not to mention that they offer so much that it is easy to get lost.