Peer to Peer lending

 In Business Services

Peer to Peer lending is poised to become a big player in the lending world. As a result of the recent financial crisis which has seen a rise in public distrust of banks and credit that is not only harder to obtain but much more expensive, companies like LendingClub are gaining popularity.
LendingClub is essentially able to get rid of banks in the lending process by connecting the lender and the lendee directly. Their online platform allows the investor to choose who to invest in, via user profiles and credit scores. LendingClub has been able to get rid of the bureaucratic process that plagues banks. They are able to offer investors higher returns than a traditional savings account as well as give better interest rates to those taking out loans. Keep your eyes open for these Peer to Peer lenders, LendingClub has already funded over $3.7 billion in loans and paid out over $348 million to its investors!