Your first SEO ranking report is free

 In Business Services

First of all, to measure progress in our SEO work, we use ranking reports. We issue an initial ranking report  – this one is free of charge*– and scan the list of keywords and key phrases  that were found to be the most relevant for your SEO expectationssite. This ranking report is updated every month allowing us to see which  keywords & pages of your site are going up and/or down. This report can also be measured against one or more of your competitors.

Second we constantly check your Google Analytics which provide valuable information as to the most popular queries, keyword combinations, the geographical origin of searches.

This information allowes us to perform or suggest the necessary corrections and updates that your site need in order to be as highly ranked as possible considering your site and your competition.

SEO is a work in progress and you must remain actively committed to update your site as well as your various Social Network pages. It’s not about secret or magic. It is about hard work.


*Based on your selection of your 5 top most desired keywords and keyword combination + one competitor comparison