TOP 10 SEO Scams…Read all about it!

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Every single  website owner or webmaster  is concerned with the search engine visibility of their site. Keywords like free ranking, natural ranking, local ranking, high ranking keep on looping endlessly, becoming an obsession. When hundreds of thousands of websites compete together, or even when only a few hundreds of them fight inside the same business niche, the struggle to rank best on the same keywords requires a solution, a quick one and if possible the least expensive one!

Well, this is where another breed of scammers prospers by offering instant satisfaction for as little as…not even an hour of work by your favorite neighborhood mechanic! You can’t pass that, can you!? Especially when said scammers fill up your ears and eyes with the dream of being at the top of the result page in no time…How can someone resist following the direction where the song of these sweet sirens comes from?

Well, my friends, existing or future customers, you’d better read this  page  ASAP  to avoid being suckerized by spammers and scammers and their latest, most incredible promises. Remember that no success comes easy and most importantly, there is no magic when it comes to SEO work . No matter how hard you want to buy the dream, resist!

Resist SEO Scammers!

Resist SEO scammers!



Top 10 SEO Scams


#1 Guaranteed Rankings
#2 They know someone at Google, or have a special relationship with Google
#3 Offering free SEO trial services
#4 Submissions to thousands of search engines
#5 Undisclosed or secret SEO strategies
#6 Top Ranking within 48 hours
#7 The lowest priced SEO
#8 We work with someone at Google, or are partners with Google
#9 We know the Google Algorithm, we are Google Algorithm experts
#10 Avoid SEO companies that take ownership of your content