When consumers spend more time on the Internet through Smartphone than PCs,

then it is time to switch to responsive design!


to any screen size,

A Responsive website

will automatically adjust


& tablets

Laptops & desktops


Search Engines like Google

now favor websites

And this is why

built with Responsive Design


Mobile-ready website

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Web Design Pasadena

Web Design Pasadena since 1995.  Does your website display  on all devices without using an horizontal scroll bar? Without constantly having to zooming in to access content?

If not,  customer experience is poor to say the least and  the site ranking with search engines will go down as major Search Engines now favor websites designed to display properly on tablets and smartphones: Responsive Websites!

We can either start a new site from scratch or transfer the content of an existing site to  WordPress, our CMS platform of choice for responsive design. Your call!

Is your website responsive?

If you do not know for sure, have your website tested here. You do not want to miss this important evolution in consumer habits. You do not want to ignore this major  upgrade in website referencing.

Do not wait any longer! You should definitely have your site rebuilt using Responsive Design, ASAP  to stay in the race! We can do that and more using WordPress CMS and Themes.

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Cybird.com -Web Design Pasadena

WordPress Solutions

Each WordPress  based website  uses  a main theme, several  templates and a bunch of Plugins and Widgets.  Each element comes with default settings that need to be modified to fit the site.

Plugins and widgets in particular allow us to manage almost any type of layout and content. This is were we are cutting our costs and development time.

After years of developing custom application, WordPress is like a treasure chest for both customers and webmasters. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that puts you in the driver seat should you decide to update all or part of your site yourself.

Not to mention that, at Web design Pasadena and the 1-stop web design center we definitely enjoy building websites using WordPress.

WordPress Options

They add specific functionalities to your site. Here is a short list of some of the main tasks performed by plugins and that you may want to have installed on your site:

  • A visual Page Editor,
  • An ecommerce solution,
  • Search Engine Optimization management,
  • Create/manage your online forms (registration / contact…etc)
  • Back up your Website ,
  • Google Analytics to know your stats,
  • Google Maps to drive customers to your business location
  • Slideshow,  versatile image gallery,
  • Video files from Youtube or Vimeo,
  • Newsletter & mailing list subscription,

And if you can think of one, chances are somebody else did and there is a plugin that deals with it!